Nintendo Switch Case

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✮ Holds up to 19 games and 2 micro SD cards
✮ Comfortably fits the standard AC wall charger/adapter tat comes with the switch
✮ Hard EVA shell designed to absorb impact while being stain and water resistent
✮ Lined with a soft Microfiber material to prevent scracthes
✮ Includes a carrying handle for when you’re on the go
✮ Comes with a Lifetime warranty

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Following the popularity of our 3DS XL case, we are thrilled to introduce our much anticipated Nintendo Switch Case.

We’re really proud of this case and we think that you’ll love it, too.

I’m going to share a little background on how we created the case:

During the development of our case, we spoke to loads of Switch users ( addicts ) on Reddit and from our VIP Club to ask what they wanted from a Switch case. Many gamers were unhappy that the cases they had purchased were cheaply made, did not fit the Switch properly, or did not offer enough protection. We bought and tested the best selling Switch cases and we were really shocked by the poor quality of them…

We designed a prototype based on the things we felt that these cases were lacking:

1. A specially molded bottom shell so that the switch console fits in perfectly.
2. We made sure that the case was deep enough to protect the joy con sticks from being constantly pressed down when the case was closed.
3. The extra deep shell also ensures that you can comfortably fit the AC adapter in the top mesh pouch. Essential for when you’re on the go.
4. We used the maximum thickness of EVA hard shell material for ultimate protection for the switch.
5. Many cases we tested used two fiddly straps to hold the switch into the case. We removed these and replaced them with an easy to use “puller” system to remove the switch and velcro tab to secure it.
6. Many of the cases  we tested could only hold a handful of games, we added game storage for 19 games and 2 micro SD cards.
7. We also designed the game dividers to double up as a screen protector

Once the prototype was ready, we did a giveaway on Reddit and our VIP Club to get feedback on what Switch users thought of our new case. The feedback we received was amazing and we were finally satisfied that we had a created a fantastic case for the Nintendo Switch 🙂

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